All rules below are mandatory unless the term “advised” is explicitly used.
General rules
This group is strictly for discussing Jumu’ah khutbahs and anything directly related to it. General discussions, albeit Islamic, will not be entertained.
When discussing any topic, our goal is not to reach a consensus or ‘get to the bottom’ of the issue; rather, we share thoughts and information that will be useful for others to formulate their own views and khutbahs.
It is advised that members use their real names in their WhatsApp profile instead of abstract things terms or sentences like “Justice for All” or “Subhaanallah”, etc. Such phrases are sentences are better suited to one’s status and not profile name and hinder communication.
Views must be presented with respect of other people’s opinions.
We will avoid discussion on controversial and divisive matters of Aqeedah, Fiqh and politics and lean towards the social and spiritual dimensions of topics discussed.
The admin reserve the right to remove members for not following rules, misconduct and causing disunity, and to divert any conversation deemed unsuitable.


Choosing topics
From 10pm GMT every Friday, the floor will be opened for members to suggest topics that should be discussed for the next Jumu’ah khutbah.
Suggestions can be made by just suggesting a title or by sending a sample khutbah/speech on a particular subject.
Where applicable, members should explain the relevance of the suggested topic.
Suggestions may be made until 10pm GMT on Saturday.
Thereafter, the admin will decide on 2 topics that will be the focus of conversation for the remainder of the week.
Once topics are chosen
Once the admin have chosen 2 topics, discussion will be strictly limited to those 2 topics only. Any posts not regarding those specific 2 topics must not be posted on the group.
If a member decides to deliver a khutbah on a subject other than the 2 being discussed, he may not post requests for help on his topic or for people to personal messages him. This can be done on the other casual group.
During the week, if you wish to send something which you believe will be beneficial to the group, but is not related to the 2 chosen subjects (for example, an article about a different topic or your own khutbah which you have prepared), you can do one of the following:
a) Wait for Saturday when the conversation is less restricted and post it as as a suggested topic for the following week
b) Post it directly on the Khateeb Notes Google group which is a sister group to the Minbar
c) If you don’t have access to the Google group, send it to Mufti Waseem who is one of the admin in the Minbar group
d) Send it directly to one of the admin to ask their opinion
If you want to share something which is related to a previous topic which has already been discussed, do one of the following:
a) If the topic was discussed a long time ago and you want it to be discussed again, post in on Saturday as a suggestion for the next week’s topic
b) Send it directly to Mawlana Sayful (who is also an admin on the group) to add it to the archives for that topic.

How to post
Do not post anything which you think could potentially cause suspicion or be illegal in any of the countries members of the group are from. Some countries have stricter laws than others.
Do not post any link you are not familiar with the content of. If you have received it from elsewhere, make sure you have opened the link and vetted the content yourself.
If you post a link (e.g., for a website, an article, a video, etc.), you must include a description of what the link contains and who it is authored by.
It is advised that members include comments or reviews on the content of links. If you feel others will benefit from the content, it is best to explain what you found beneficial about it so it is not missed in the barrage of links received every day.
Here is a sample link to an article:
Article on Jumua Salah on Eid day from Bidaayat al-Mujtahid, translated by M. Hamza Wald Maqbul
A useful summary on what the fuqaha of old have said on the issue from a reliable sources.