The Minbar

Your Friday Sermon Companion

Assalamu A’laikum

Welcome to ‘The Minbar’

“The Minbar” is a WhatsApp group for Khateebs to share ideas and resources to help them deliver more informed and insightful khutbahs.

The group consists of Ulama (graduates from reliable and reputable Darul Ulooms) and is managed by the following Ulama:
Mawlana Abdul Majid (London) – Head admin
Mawlana Ilyas Gajia (London)
Mawlana Sayful Alam (Cambridge)
Mawlana Muhammad Ameen Gani (Luton)
Mawlana Aakil Bhula (Barbados)
Mawlana Abdullah Patel (Gloucester)
Mufti Suhayl Khawar (Cardiff)
Mufti Wasim Khan (USA)
Mawlana Muhiuddin (London)

At the beginning of the week, members make suggestions for khutbah topics for the upcoming Jumu’ah. The admin team select 2 of those topics. The floor is then opened to the whole group to share thoughts and resources on those 2 topics. Conversations are eventually summarised, collated and archived along with any full khutbahs that are shared for future reference.

Anyone interested in joining the group should email us on including the following details in their email:
Town and city of residence,
Institute graduated from,
Year of graduation,
Phone number,
and contact details for 2 reputable Ulama who can verify your details.